Sloppy Joe and Fish Fingers

-4- Rosemary Bach circa 1966

It is I. Circa 1966. My brother, Richard, in the background on holiday on the beach in Bournemouth, UK. Wearing the same hairstyle as of today including the same determined expression. Building sandcastles was a serious business. Photo taken by Dad, Rolf Bach, professional photographer.

It’s a bit nippy out. On the odd occasion I have bravely ventured outside all snuggled up in my cardboard box… I’m kidding! Little joke, or yoke seeing as I’m in Germany. I’m referring to a previous blog entry about expensive coats and the boxes in which they arrive.

I’m snuggled up in plenty of layers consisting of my vest I wear all year round, a long-sleeved thermal top I also wear all year round, a woolly polo neck jumper and on top of that a huge sloppy joe and my Dents cashmere-lined gloves and my hands still feel like frozen fish fingers. And I care not if I do look like the Michelin man. So what! Dare I tell you what I wear on my head? A jumper. Absolutely! An unused jumper I was about to throw away but instead in a flurry of creativity I transformed it into a hat. It works too. And I don’t appear to be on the receiving end of any titters, pointing or funny stares either.

“Ooh, look at her Helga, she’s wearing a jumper on head!”
“Ach ja, what do you expect, Gudrun, these Brits are a strange lot indeed.”
“Ja, I suppose you are right… (pause)… at least it makes a change from knotted handkerchiefs.”

Yep! Done my bit for recycling and it keeps my bonce warm.

On that note I do hope you’re all keeping cosy. My cousin three times and once removed told me how snowy and chilly it is in New York State right now. It hasn’t snowed here, yet. I think it’s waiting for the right moment like when all our Calor gas bottles are empty.

And the significance between joke and yoke? In the German language the letter J is pronounced as Y. Absolutely! I do not yest with you.

TTFN wolf cubs and take care,
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