Might as well wear the box in which it arrived!

Musings Amusing by Rosemary Bach-Holzer

Well, here we are, wolf cubs, two days before Christmas. Bought all your Christmas presents? Clothes? Books? Talking of books… a nice little free download might not go down with the aplomb of an overcooked turkey so hard you could wear the leg as a shoe. Yes, “Enigma” continues to be well received. Thank you very much all concerned for that.

Or you can always skip over to my other side… ho ho. Not what you think. The real me as in Rosemary and seeing as it’s the silly season a gander at either “Musings Amusing” or “Cat Tales” might be just the thing when you’re sitting down wishing you hadn’t eaten that last mince pie whilst desperately needing something to take your mind off the fact it’s working its way back up your gullet. Reach for your eBook or PC or all those other electronic whiz bang pop things and have a good laugh and a titter!

And as for clothes. Well, I admit, I did purchase that horribly outrageously expensive coat and have to say, was delighted when it arrived and once upon my skinny frame, looked terrible! Just awful! I’d have been better off wearing the box in which it came. It was sent back post-haste without any regrets.

Stick to my old baggy jumper and thermals or dig out my trusty velvet Pearce Fionda from the nineties. A little worse for wear but quality lasts and I can always hide the bald bits with a scarf. Yes, thanks to car seat belts my coat lapels went somewhat bald… at which point I shall sign off as I can feel a tirade coming on.

Happy Christmas and make it a great one!

Wolfie aka Rosemary.

Cat Tales by Rosemary Bach-Holzer

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