“Enigma” the controversial book?

Big hair, brown walls, must be the 80s

Big hair. Brown walls. If you think this is the 80s you’d be absolutely right!


“Enigma” is the eBook which appears to be causing controversial comments as opposed to it being controversial per se.

Indeed, it appears my readers have strong feelings towards the accurate and detailed description of the clothes, cars, homes… depicted in the book – they either love it or hate it!

But it’s all done entirely on purpose. Everything in the book has been done for a reason.

I am fully aware there is an odd paragraph in which a certain phrase is repeated, but thanks for pointing that out. I am fully aware the characters are being described as removing or putting on their clothes using a favoured phrase, but thanks for pointing that out. In music it is known as ostinato.

Read any Lee Child lately? In one book Lee describes the pavement and stairs on which Reacher was staking out a property in infinite detail. I thought, hmm… I could come to New York tomorrow and I’d be able to pick out these steps. If they existed. Lots, of detail there, Lee, but I liked it!

And it got me thinking.

It appears “Enigma” has got a lot of you out there thinking too. Good or bad – it’s good.

But that’s the thing. Practically every location and every piece of clothing actually exists. Toddle off to your local Google map and look up these places.

Wolf Black takes you there. You are there. It’s Black’s signature.

Go with it. Or not.

Which leaves me only to say again a ginormous thank you to everyone who has left reviews on Smashwords. Wolf Black is speaking and you hear him totally. That is SO, SO COOL.


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