Wear your thermal underwear it’s cold out.

Jeep in snowy Cornwall 2000

Snow in Cornwall, UK. Never snows there. No, it waited until I moved there. Not complaining. Love the snow. Jeep fast disappearing underneath the flakes. Umm… are those orbs amongst the snowflakes?!


Why aren’t my books available on Amazon? Well, they were, then I took them down. What? No, the reviews weren’t that hideous. Well, one was a laugh! No, couldn’t get on with the demands on payment and non-communications and that’s all I’m going to say on the subject which is me showing incredible restraint as I do so love to gripe. But only when there is something worth griping about…

Be well, my lovelies.

Boogie on over to my website at http://www.rosemarybachholzer.co.uk for details on all the various book shops and distributors where “Enigma” and my other eBooks which incidentally are FREE can be downloaded. Enjoy yourself. TTFN, and wear it well.


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